SUBSTRING_INDEX Count and start position?

I use the substring_index function in many case to output a certain number of paragraphs the following way:

    , SUBSTRING_INDEX( description, CHAR(13,10),3) AS first_paragraphs

Now the following situation occurs. I need to output the first three paragraphs, followed by content coming from another table after which I need to output the last three paragraphs from the table content. In other words

Paragraph 1

paragraph 2

paragraph 3

Content from other table

Paragraph 4

paragraph 5

paragraph 6

Now I was wondering If there is a way to use the SUBSTRING_INDEX function as described above, with an addition of where to start (COUNT, START AT)?

Thank you in advance.

do this in php – just grab everything from the database, and do the splitting and interspersing of content with your application logic

Hi Rudi. I wish I knew how? I will start this question in The coldfusion forum and hope you can tell me how since I know you’re a CF specialist as well