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I’m hoping someone on these boards can help me in choosing the simplest possible subscription form. By that, I mean where someone inputs their email address and then I receive an email showing me their address. That’s it.

I’ve been searching all over the web for one and the majority of what I find seems more a display of someone’s idea of complicated bells and whistles than a basic functionality. For example, the nearest thing I’ve found is this: Newsletter Sign Up Form

Looked simple enough so I downloaded it. Thing is, it doesn’t provide a .php file, which of course is the file which I would configure with my email address to receive the email addresse(s) submitted. If you note the comments on this page you can see others also ask about this but the person(s) who made the form gives no answer.

Lastly, my knowledge of PHP is minimal at best in that with a couple of forums I made in the past I had to tweak some things. So if anyone can give me an example of the .php file that could work with the link example, that would be quite appreciated

Thank You


Have a scroll down the forum - there have been several threads on that subject in the last few weeks. It doesn’t need to be all that difficult as by the sound of it you don’t require the overhead of storing the information in a database.

That’s just a nice-looking form on a CSS web site though, it doesn’t have the functionality.

Though for subscription you would think it would be a requirement.
It could save a lot of work in the long run. But that depends on numbers and what you intend to do with the subscription list.

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