Subscribe box problem

Hi - please can anyone see why my subscribe box insists on falling into two lines when it’s .ebk-txtbox in the <div class=“txtbox”> area

but is perfectly happy to be one line when it’s .ebk-sm in <div id=“btmnav”> area?

I used the same css for both :
width:500px; text-align:center; margin:0 auto;

then added only to .ebk-txtbox
clear:both; display:inline; (and also tried reducing width to 400px but that didn’t help so reverted to 500px)

I need .ebk-txtbox to display in one line, as it does in btmnav.

See -

thanks! - Val
incorrect in txtbox -
correct in btmnav -

You have <br> element in between your <input> elements, so you need to remove that.

thank you! I realized in my sleep last night that wordpress was probably adding a <br> because it was done in my text editor and that WP probably needs all the form fields to be one continuous line!

But how did you see that <br>? When I look through firebug, I can’t get it to show me the html of that highlighted area. So I tried clicking on “div.ebk-txtbox” in the firebug header and it quickly flashes the form html at me but not for long enough to see what’s going on. In the old days it used to be easy with firebug, I just highlighted something, clicked on it, and it showed me what’s going on with both css + html.

thanks! Val

That’s odd. Firebug should show what’s there. You could also use the native dev tools in FF. I use the dev tools in Chrome these days, and they clearly show the <br>.

Thank you!