Submit button (using image) not working in Internet Explorer

Hello, I have come across a really bizarre issue and am stuck as to how to move forward.

I have a form ( which works fine in Firefox. I could not get it to work in IE, however. The form would just not submit the form data.

This morning I narrowed down the cause of the problem - previously, when it wasn’t working, the submit button was:
<input type=“image” value=“Send” name=“Submit” alt=“Submit” src=“” class=“formbutton” />

Now that I have changed the button to a submit type

<input type=“submit” value=“Send” name=“Submit” class=“formbutton” />

it works… so it looks like there is something wrong with my syntax for the image for the button? Can anyone help me with this? Many thanks in advance!

What IE version are you using?

I am using IE7.

You should use css style to set your photo as background image for that button. It should look something like that:

background #fff url(your_image.gif) top left no repeat;

Don’t forget to assign that class to your button using <input class=“button”…

Hope that helps.

Thanks, yes, I have done that now. The problem was my image contains the text too but I’ve hidden the button text by adding padding of 400px.

What do you mean by it does not work? Does the page refresh of flash or anything? Where does the form submit to? If you are submitting to a PHP backend, are you looking for $_POST[‘Submit’]? If that is the case, it will not work because IE sends the mouse cords X and Y not $_POST[‘Submit’]. Instead what you should check for is a required field.

That happens in one of two cases. Either you left off an </a> from a previous link or you included a </a> in a javascript snippet. IE is very persnickety about having your <a > tags closed if you are using an image submit.

So I would recommend verifying that every link has a closing tag and it should work fine for you.