Submit button doesn't show up for the form

The drop down menu in the 2nd form populates correctly with items a user has saved in the past. But for some reason, I can’t get the Submit button to appear. Any ideas?



<h2>Favorites Lists</h2>

<p>As a Gold member you have the ability to save your testimonials into different lists.  This allows you to group favorite testimonials related to a certain topic or that apply to one of your friends.  Later you can create a .pdf document that contains each of the testimonials in a given list, perfect for giving to someone you care about.</p>

<p>Type in a word or phrase that describes the favorites list that you would like to add this testimonial to.  Some examples include:</p>

<li>Weight loss
<li>Grandpa Smith

<form id="myform" action="" method="post">
<input type="text" name="list" MAXLENGTH=50 SIZE=30/>
<input type="hidden" name="tID" value="<?php echo $tID; ?>"/>
<a href="" class="lbAction" id="myform" rel="insert"><button>Go</button></a>


$anyLists = "SELECT list FROM favorites WHERE uID = '$loginID' and list is not null and list != '0'";
$result = mysql_query ($anyLists) OR die(mysql_error());

if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { 

//There is at least one list so show the drop down menu


<p>Or you may pick from one of the names you have used before:</p>

<form id="myform2" action="" method="post">
<select name="list" class=form id="list"/>


$findLists = "select distinct list from favorites where uID = '$loginID' and list is not null and list != '0' order by list limit 20";
$result = mysql_query ($findLists) OR die(mysql_error());

do	{

$list = $row["list"];
print ("<option value='$list'>$list</option>");

} while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result));


<a href="" class="lbAction" id="myform2" rel="insert"><button>Submit</button></a>




} // end code for showing the form if they have at least one list saved

Hello busboy,

I think the problem might be caused by the fact that you dont close the select after you insert the values.

<a href="" class="lbAction" id="myform2" rel="insert"><button>Submit</button></a>


<select name="list" class=form id="list"/>

should be

<select name="list" class=form id="list">

I got it working, thanks.