Submenu/Other Menus Move Up While Current Selected Item is Clicked

On this site, left menu, when you hold your mouse button down on a menu item it seems the menu(s) underneath shift upward.

I tried to clear any floats, thinking this was the culprit. But I don’t seem to see anything that would be causing it.


The behavior you’re describing would be associated with a:active. I don’t see any problem in Firefox. Is the problem browser specific?

It happened in all browsers.

Funny thing was I thought it was caused by the a:active as well. What I wound up doing was removing the ‘height: 22px’ in the CSS and it doesn’t do it anymore in any of the browsers.

The height that you deleted was apparently overriding the default (lesser) height when :active.

Glad you found a fix. :slight_smile:

It was the ul li a:active, a:hover, and a:visited that I removed it from.

Yes, they must have been overriding the height assigned to a:link. Happens sometimes when you least expect it. :slight_smile: