Stumped or tired - IE6 problem

Any special reason why the two h2 tags in #mainContent.contenPanel are crammed against the top of the brown bar in IE7

Many thanks,

Hi, untested because my internets about to shut off for the night, but try on #header and #maincontent, set overflow:hidden; on it.

On #header remove the height as well :slight_smile:
PS-Thread title=IE6. Your post says IE7…I’m guessing IE7

Don’t remove the height from your header, it is needed to make the #header .identity float work correctly and hold the div open to suit the BG image height.

It looks like IE7 just needs to have the margins set manually. You do need to set overflow:hidden; on the #mainContent to contain floats and trip haslayout in IE7. Then target IE6 with another haslayout trigger.

You could set a width to trigger haslayout but your paddings change on the .home class so those different paddings would need to be accounted for.

h2 {
    font-family:Trajan pro, Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif    ;
   [COLOR=Blue] margin:15px 0;[/COLOR]
 #mainContent {
    padding: 0 20px; 
    background: #CDF;
    [COLOR=Blue]overflow:hidden;/*contain floats*/[/COLOR]
[B]* html #mainContent[/B] [COLOR=Blue]{height:1%; overflow:visible}[/COLOR]/*IE6 haslayout to contain floats*/
    padding:0 65px; 


Thank you for taking a look and resolving that issue. Don’t think I would have figured that one out on my own. Worked like a charm.