Student looking for help .... please :D

Hi guys

I thought this would be as good as any place to introduce myself (im jay) and my seedling of a company ‘media portal’.

First off, may I just say that this is a polite request for some help point me in the right direction and not a free work plee! (unless you are offering :P)

I have just graduated from bradford university (bsc media & technologies) and i am in the process of setting up a new student based business aiding media students into emplyment, allowing them to showcase their work (all aspects of media from webdesign to film making) to industry profesionals who will network with the site through uk universities/colleges; and giving careers guidence.

The online interactive job board section will be promoted through the university network via their own careers service.

As such, i am looking for help with the web design but as a student (who is going back to uni in september to study a masters (free placement)) i have little, no funds.

I have placed an advert within bradford uni asking for help and any help given, although not paid for in cash, will be credited with the designers details on the website and this shall be seen by all universities on the network.

Can somebody please direct me to a site/individual who may be able to help?

I have spent 3 weeks playing with web design through wordpress and dreamweaver and failed - this is what i have done so far: - mediaportal Resources and Information.

but this is what i am trying to achieve:

Fresh Recruitment | Fresh Recruitment (a nice clean looking site)

I can not afford to pay anybody for their service, but it goes without saying that you will be able to upload samples of your work on to the site so that the university network and media preofesionals who access the website may call upon you for possible work - this is what the site is being set up for.

Kindest regards

Jay Payne

Your website points to a SEDO domain parking page - we can’t see it.

Sorry, forgot that i placed the domain on a free hosting site until its ready for launch.

The site can be viewed @ - Media Portal

Be forewarned, its bad! VERY BAD!! :frowning:


Hi jay payne, welcome to the forums,

If you have any specific problems you would like to fix yourself, this is the right place.
Just present them bite sized and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help.

If you want critiques of the site to get an idea of what should be worked on, please post in one of the Review forums. i.e.
Design Elements, [url=]Website Reviews - SitePoint Forums after reading the Guidelines.

If you are not looking to do the work yourself, the forums are not the place. Please try the Marketplace