Stubborn new tab opening new pages

Hi TechnoBear

You got me lost and confused,

I don’t see anything wrong with that page, The Opening Times is another button.

Could you be more specific as to what happens when you arrive at that page?



Could it be that you have js turned off and that the pages use it?

There is a typo in “Opening Times” on that page.

Other pages:


It’s a good thing I did nort right “Pubic Holidays”!


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You’ve made me wonder if these buttons (that were pop-ups) still rely on js. I think so, but disable js in IE9 and can still open them even if my front index page (that needs redoing) does not work

Could you confirm that the buttons will work with js turned off., please?


In fact, I just tried getting rid of the js stuff in the 1st line and it seems to work.

Am I safe to delete it in all the other lines?

>  <ul>
>  <li><a href="holidaysBali.html">PUBLIC HOLIDAYS</a></li> 
>  <li><a class="popup look-inside"  href="OpeningTimesBali.html">OPENING HOURS</a></li> 
>  <li><a class="popup look-inside"  href="currentBali.html">ELECTRICITY</a></li> 

> </ul>

I guess I’ve answered my own question!

Over & Out!

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