Stubborn new tab opening new pages

I’ve been getting rid of my pop-ups as you so many times advised me to do so, and I have come upon a strange little problem.

One of the pop-ups linked to an external site dealing with public holidays. I decided to make my own table. With the external link I had target=“_blank”; now I took it out as it is my own internal file.

In the two pages that I have completed: Barcelona and Bali, the first behaves normally, but the Bali one when I click on the button for the “Public holidays” a new tab opens. I assumed that it was caused by the cache, so I cleared it and tried the page on all browsers. The new tab still opens each time I access it.

I’ve spent a couple of hours looking for the culprit but here goes up my white flag! I give up!


Going to the source, I see this. Let me know if you spot the problem.

 <li><a class="popup look-inside" href="holidaysBali.html" target="_blank">PUBLIC HOLIDAYS</a></li>

I must be blind because I go directly into the file in File Manager and that is not there!

Do I need an optician or a psycho?


But yes in FF in the source the thing is there.
So, the question for the experts is: how do you get rid of something that does not exist?

Do you have any server caching involved? Cloudfare?

You may have cleared your browser cache, but not the CDNs cache. Just a guess.


I’m going to sign off the server and restart computer.

Why do these things always happen to me…

I logged off the server and came in again.

I opened the file in the File Manager and no target.

I opened the file in Ff and looked at the source: no target.

I pressed the link button and no new tab… Great!

then I pressed another and came back to the problem button: a new tab opened…

I looked at the source and guess what ? The bloody thing is back:target!

Now, this one is for the experts and I guess there will be a prize for the winner!

Talk to your host. You must have something cached.

I looked through all the other buttons and all of them still had the target but I cannot see how different pages could cause that if WE were pressing the button from the main bali page. Were we?

I’ve had a long day…

It’s Friday - just go home :slight_smile: .

I’d still talk to your host since something seems to be wrong with your server saving files.

I’ve just looked gain at the page with FF. All was good with the source. I tried THREE times to press the PH button, after having pressed another: Electricity or Opening Hours. A couple of time nothinh happened, then BANG! another tab opened.

i looked at the source, saw the target, but realized I was looking at the wrong page. They all look the same now,

can you check the code gain but make absolutely sure you are still in the

Well, suddenly the problem seems to have cleared. Could you try on your side, please?

Sorry about all this.

All good.

I already tested 30 seconds ago and was fine :wink: .

Ghosts…do you think?

Not sure what you are getting at.

All these non-existent “target”,

I’ll tell you what I think happened. Even though I got rid of the target in the main Bali page, I forgot to take it out in all the other satellite pages opened by those buttons.

because all the pages have identical sidebars I was probably pressing the PubHol button from the other pages and of course a new tab would open. There was nothing wrong with the code in the main page.

As for you, I guess that you also fell into the trap and looked at the source of one of the dependent pages.

Now that i got rid of the target in all the subsidiary pages and managed somehow to clear the browser caches, all seems to be well.

So, no ghosts!

I’m not seeing any problems with “target”, or with new tabs/windows opening. The only problem I see when I press the “Public Holidays” button is this:

Oh, NO! Not another problem… can you tell me from which page are you pressing th PubHol button?