Struggling with Font Awesome 5 Contents


I am having a hard time figuring out how to use Font Awesome 5 Contents.

  1. Icon not showing up. On this page you’ll see on the top of the screen an icon, on the left of “Contactenos” which is not showing up as I am expecting, I know it is used slightly different than other but with a previous version of Font Awesome 5 it was working but since I upgraded to the latest version 5.15.3 it is not working anymore.

  2. Slow response time To make the Font Awesome 5 Contents working I had, according to some similar issues I read about, to add this

        window.FontAwesomeConfig = {
            searchPseudoElements: true

in my page. It is working fine but it has a nasty side effect: clicking below on the “Ingreso” link a panel is sliding and clicking on any link “Alumno”, “Profesor” o “Colegio” takes ages (18 seconds !). On this page I remove that script, the Font Awesome are not showing up but on the other the link are available wait faster see

Any idea why ?

Update: locally I went back to Font Awesome 5.0.10, where I don’t need to use the script and it appears to work fine again: showing the icons as expected and not interfering with sliding panel.

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