Struggling to Hide Main Menus On My Website

I am want to know which plugin should I use to hide Login & Register Menus if someone logs in. The person who logs in should not see the menu buttons. It is Using Newspaper Pro Theme. So which plugin will be compatible. Right Now I have a slow starter hosting. Should I upgrade it?

Well ideally those options should automatically disappear if the user logs in. You shouldn’t need to install any plugin to make this happen. This would be a feature of your theme. Did you setup these menu items in your theme? I am unfamiliar with newspaper pro, but you would probably have a setting in your theme that allows you to simply say what menu items are shown when the user is not logged in versus when they are.

Login to your wordpress site, go to your theme settings and see if there is anything that specifies if items should be displayed if a user is logged in or not. I am also assuming you put those menu items in because typically designers don’t have those options in the middle of their nav but usually towards the right side.

If you still can’t find it, I suggest you ask tagdiv over in their forums…

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