Structure diagram


I like to make a structure diagram, I don’t know much about php but more with html couldnt find the html section on the forum.

Basically I’d like to build a structure diagram showing names of members on my smf forum etc… To be able to edit them anyone got ideas on how to do this?

I’m a little confused with your question…

Are you wanting to make a structure diagram of the program (like a UML diagram) or create a program that allows you to create a structure diagram?

UML structure diagram sort of like a ranking list, but organized.

I think it might be easier for you to create it using static HTML.

What you would have to do would:

  • Create a database (or array) which shows the hierarchical leadership structure.
  • Allow you to create new fields for each to insert new people.
  • Save this into a database.
  • etc., depending exactly how you wanted to go about.

Unless this is something that will constantly drastically change, you’ll likely be better off just hard-coding it.

Like to use php, I want to create a structure diagram and in the boxes I would put the names of my members in their (using smf forum) and show the organized structured leadership. And maybe a script to auto insert the member within the diagram with a link to their profile.

Okay, I’m still a bit confused. Can you elaborate a bit more? What do you mean by “organized”?

Are you talking about using PHP, or just HTML?