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My question:
Looking at I guess I need to collect CC info myself on my site and pass it to stripe? Is it possible that they provide a customizable payment form like paypal, that I don’t collect CC info myself and pass it to stripe? If yes, please advice which part of the docs I should look into?

Be very, VERY careful when you say “collect” CC info.

Never, EVER store CC information. Period. Unless your business ends in “International” and has a legal department budget with at least 8 0’s in it.

What the Stripe page says to do is put a form in, and include their JS catcher. When the user presses the “submit” button on the form, the Stripe JS stops the browser from passing any data, does whatever magical encryption mechanism they use, and generates a single use token which identifies the customer’s information is genuine from your form; it then submits the form.

As for you looking for a customizable payment form, their website says to look at Stripe Checkout.

There’s a handy guide to setting up Stripe here:

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