String Search In Whole Database

I want to search a string in whole database [not in a table]? Is it possible in MYSQL? If so then how?

Thanks in advance


Use mysqldump to dump the database into a text file, like this:

mysqldump.exe databasename -u username -p > "c:\\databasedump.sql"

Then search using a good text editor.
If you’re on linux, you can pipe the output to grep and/or awk and all that stuff too.

PS: this will only work if the string is cleartext. (not encrypted or encoded in a strange way)

As it looks like this topic has been bumped I’ll add another way of doing this.

I have written a PHP script which allows you to find and replace (or just find) any text string across a complete MySQL database. You can view/downlaod the code here:

I am working on a way to incorporate Wildcards and regular expressions - if you’re desperate for that functionality then let me know.