Stretch a background image - responsive design

Hi guys,

in general this seems to be the accepted methodology of creating a BG image and stretching it.

I have tried this, and although it works if I refresh the screen, which is great, because hopefully people aren’t resizing browsers all over the place, when I reduce my screen size, it appears that the height of the image doesn’t change. In fact the width only changes for a short while and then stops.

This means if you open the browser full screen, then reduce the browser there is a big white square at the bottom. I built the initial with foundation zurb if that helps anyone to help me.

Can anyone think of why this may be happening?

Can you show us your version? I usually don’t see the behavior you are describing.

i think just remove height and width from img src tag

Image size is “cover” so it doesn’t have set dimensions. I’ll upload a working version soon enough.