Strategy to Find Product Reviewers?

Dear Site Pointers,

I’m building a review site in a specific niche for a specific set of products. I need your insights on how to find reviewers to put reviews on my site. Unlike so many other review sites on the web with dubious reviews, I’m looking to recruit people who have used these products, and will to provide a small $5 gift certificate to a reviewer as a thank you for providing a review.

My challenge is, what online sources would be best to find these individuals? Should I start with online classified ad sites like Craigslist and Kijiji?


That would depend on your niche and kind of products you are selling.

For internet marketing for example, you can check with popular internet marketing forums that accepts promotinal offers. You can then specify some days for of giving out free products in exchange for reviews. Each forum and website has its own rules and regulations. Check up with them before asking for reviews.

Usually, to force your clients to give you a positive review, you would need to give them the product for free! letting them buy the product then offering them bonuses for reviews is a much harder way.

If you can specify what kind of niche you are working on, it would be much easier to help you out!

All the Best!