Strategy for storing pictures separate from the software files

Hello, I have a user-friendly post editor in my web site using TinyEditor or CK Editor. I want to add an option in which the user can upload pictures to the system and put it on the post.

I don’t want to store the pictures in the website directory because they are not part of the website software data (PHP files, CSS, etc…). If I replace the website directory with a new version, I have to be careful for not deleting the pictures accidentally.
I could store the pictures into the database, but it is weird and may have performance issues.

What is a good strategy for storing pictures related to content data (posts)?

@virtualavatar. What do you mean with:

Those pictures are related to a certain post, right? I don’t know what your database structure is right now but I would create a table post_photos and have a foreign key in this table “post_id” which is related to a post with that id, if that is what you mean?

The easiest way would be to store them in a CDN, like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc. Then in the database store the URL to the CDN and use that URL in your website to link to the images.

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