Strange stairs behavior (IE) Absolute positioned div not showing in IE and FF

I am working on this website. There are some strange things going on though. I have a absolute positioned div (top: 0, right: 0) called panel which is showing in Chrome but not in FF and IE. Then furthermore are there on a few pages (the Artist, Events) a gallery which are working fine in FF and Chrome but in IE I get a very strange stair effect. Does anyone see in my CSS what I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

I have searched for every possible solution. I tried the to set the <li’s> to inline but I keep getting that staicase bug. and the hidden div is also still not solved. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Try closing the anchors properly :slight_smile:

Painter" /></</li>

It should be:

Painter" /></a></li>

That should cure the staircase effect.

For your missing panel remove the position:absolute from #wrapper or use position:relative, or add width:100%. The absolute element has no width so right 0 puts it left of the viewport and invisible.

Hi Paul. Thank you so much. I work wit a lot included server side scripting files. And in the included file everything was okay. The only thing is that in the index page I hadn’t included the galley file so while I was actually changing things, it didn’t had any effect on the one I should have make the changes to.

About the missing panel. Why was it that I saw it in Chrome anyway? While there was no width set for the wrapper?

Chrome is the new IE6 :slight_smile: