Strange problem


I have a script that contains around 8 different queries.

A few of these queries are DELETE queries. Whenever I try proccessing the DELETE queries the server stops responding.

The strange thing is, the server is still up and running and if I try on another browser it will respond.

Could you post up the code.

Also how many records are in the database? How many records are being deleted in your delete sql?

Hello, I won’t be able to post the entire code simple because it is so large. This is also happening with UPDATE.

Here’s what I was trying to process when it stopped responding.

header('Location: index.php');
include ("dbConfig.php");
include ("includes.php");

$getid = $_GET['id'];
$display = "SELECT * FROM dbPosts WHERE user_id = $user";
$result = mysql_query($display);
mysql_query("UPDATE dbPosts SET status = '0' WHERE post_id = $getid AND username_id = $user");