Strange ip appended to image tags


I’m puzzled by this appending of IP to the image urls of certain sites I visited, typically hosted in the US.

Instead of “http://yourwebsite/images/logo.jpg”, I’m seeing “” in the source code of the webpage (for all the image tags).

What’s happening here? It seems I’m not alone in experiencing this problem. A few people had raised this issue:

If the server at could modify the image urls, I assume it can do other more harmful stuff too. Am I right?

Has anyone experienced the above?

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Obviously is has something to do with mobile networks like T-Mobile, Verizon etc. Are you connected to the internet via their networks?

No, I’m based in Singapore and I’m using mobile broadband from a Singapore ISP.

Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is that it happened when I used Firefox, Chrome and IE. I tried Opera and went to the same sites, the image urls were normal.

I then ran CCleaner and rebooted my computer, the problem went away for the three browsers.

Could it be some kind of malware?

You are using mobile broadband that is it right there. I used T-Mobile, Verizon as examples because I’m an American and I only know of American companies…Plus I had no idea where you be in the world.

Thanks, logic_earth.

But I’m curious why it didn’t happen when I used Opera - before I ran CCleaner.

You don’t think it’s something to lose sleep over?