Strange image re-size issue

I am using the Twitter Bootstrat Freelance theme ( and have incorporated Own Carousel.js (

All is working well apart from whenever I click an image to view it in a modal window, it appears the wrong size - until I resize my browser window, or refresh the page, or eg press f12. It then seems to ‘fix itself’.

Not sure if this is a js conflict issue or I am doing something silly (I am quite new to js). I have looked at the console and can’t see any errors, I have also tried different versions of jquery and bootstrap however no difference.

I have created a jsfiddle here If you view the jsfiddle, try click an image and once it opens in the modal window, resize the screen slightly and you will see what I mean. It somehow suddenly fixes itself.

I would appreciate any help or direction on this issue, as I am trying to create a personal project which needs to be finished quite soon :s

What is happening is that the image resize function triggers when you finish resizing the screen. This is not a bug but rather the way in which the application is designed. That image resize function would have to trigger on resize rather than on resize end in order to achieve what you wanted

Thanks Andres,

You are correct. I think I have managed to get it working now, the developer of the app was able to make two extra js files available - autorefresh and autoplay.js.

For anybody else, you may look at the new updated and working version here