Strange error - appears to be JS related

We have a really strange issue here. Our work website has just started to not load properly on about 5% of our machines. This number is growing daily. The screen that affected users are seeing is the following. We have tried Firefox and Chrome, cleared cache and rebuild the machines but all to no avail. The machines are on a domain and their updates are controlled via SCCM and WSUS. We also notices some irregularities on another site that used JS.

What is strange is that comparing with identical machines, some display correctly and some don’t. All machines were working fine a week ago.

I am hoping someone has seen something similar in the past and can push me in the correct direction.

The first thing that I’d do is make sure that all systems have SOLID anti-virus (AV) applications (Avast! or at the very least Avira are free - paid AV apps are a waste of money), they are updated, and run full scans on them all. Then I would install MalwareBytes, update that, and run a full system scan.

If no malware is found on the systems, then check to make sure that jQuery isn’t being loaded twice.

On a personal note, the grammar of that statement makes me think that the author does not speak English natively, which immediately makes me suspicious. But that’s just me.



Hi yes we do have an up to date AV (Symantec Endpoint Protection). If it is been loaded twice why don’t I get the same issue on other identical machines (well they can’t be identical in that they don’t have the error :smiley: )?

Well, your statement that “the number is growing” combined with the not-great grammar of the error message in the image makes me think of malware.

The image that you provided indicates that jQuery might be loading twice.

Beyond that, there isn’t much information to go on. Have you checked server logs (both web server logs and logs of whatever server-side - if any - scripting server is being used) ?



Looks like it might be Cache related i.e. something corrupted in our server. I was certain I checked this first but it appears not. Cleared all Cache and it came right… will also check logs etc just to make sure.

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