Store Locator Using Maplace.js

I want to implement a store locator using Maplace.js. Currently I was able to configure it till,

I look forward to do following things.

  1. I want to mark around 20-30 locations
  2. I want to group them area wise, country wise, continent wise
  3. I need a filter on the top to filter area wise, country wise and continent wise
  4. Also I need a search box that will help me search directly a marked location
  5. And finally I want a result tab showing the marked location address on the left side of the map

Can I get somehelp even if part will do. :smile:


This reads like a wish list of functionality.
If that’s the case you might be better heading on over to the jobs section.

Otherwise it would make more sense to have a go at solving these problems yourself, then letting us know if you get stuck.

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I am not saying that all could be achieved or helped by one peron, but whatever help in parts is rendered would be awesome.

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