Store canvas info in XML


I need to create an application where user can add multiple text boxes in the canvas and export it to image, user will also have the access to save it for future use they can edit it for which i need to store the canvas information to XML file.

can any one suggest me how can i send the textbox info to XML file so that I can save it?

What type of file are you thinking on export feature?

When you say canvas you mean stage?

thank you johnny.dacu,
finally some one replied

I found one solution of updating the data into array and sending array to php to store the information, but still there are some error I need to send all the canvas info so it not working as I thought.

My main problem is to send the canvas info from flash, I have a feature of adding text box dynamically so when someone save the application i need to send the info of all the textbox from flash is there any way to find out the total no of textbox in the canvas and get the info of it to send it out of flash.