Stop user to submit form untill the time on string(URL) expired with PHP?

How do i limit the user to submit the form once in 24 hour in php. No Logins required for submit the form. Is there any way to set the timer on a specific string ? Any help appreciate .?

Simple submit form for URL using POST method and for validation and checks i used simple “empty” & “preg_match” variables works fine.

Now I want the user to submit the URL form once in 24 hour. For that, How to set the timer on a string or how to force the user to submit same url until your time expired .? This should be done in php not in Javascript. NO LOGINS REQUIRED for this project, SESSION and COOKIE variables are not going to help here because user can change its own ip address or remove history and cookies media queries from their browser and resubmit the form.

Any Idea which function or variable and how to use ?

Hi benvoliochromelinks welcome to the forum

If you don’t have a way to associate the submit with an identified user, the only way I can think of is to only show the form once in a 24 hour period.

Unless there’s a way to identify a user based on what they submit?

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