Stop the timeline in actionscript 2.0

I need to stop an animation using AS2. I know how to do this using AS3 but can’t remember how to do it AS2?

I want an animation to stop after 125 frames at 12 fps.

Thanks for any help, as this is really stressing me out!!

what kind of animation ?
timeline animation, tween class, enterFrame…

What i have got is just a square that turns on the timeline using motion tweens ( nothing fancy) And instead of just adding a stop on the last key frame. I wanted to be able to control it with actionscript.

It’s just something that i was asked from a customer (client) and i wanted to find out.


A stop(); on the timeline is the usual way.

But with ActionScript you can call [I]MovieClipName[/I].stop(); to do the same thing.