Stop music in flash presentation

Hello, i have this flash presentation that i’m working on, i have a “stop” and “play” button and i have a layer with music. What i’ve noticed is that when i click the “stop” button the music keeps on playing.

What i want is that when i click the stop button the music stops too. How can i do that?

thank you very much.

put this on the stop button :


i am assuming you put the actionscript directly on the buttons . if not i hope you can change your code accordingly.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, i have my actionscript directly on the button.

And when i click the “play” button, does the music starts again? or should i put something extra in the actionscript for the play button?

Thanks again.

no , the music starts again.
that function stopAllSounds() does exactly what it says . stopping every sound in the file . but of course you can trigger 'em to play again after.

thanks krityx, the music stops now when i click the stop button, but when i click play, the movie resumes but not the music. I think i should put something in the actionscript for the play button.

This is the actionscript i have on the play button:

on(release) {

well play(); function just tells the timeline to go on playing .you need somehow to control your sound . i would recommend it making it via actionscript but if you’re not too experienced with actionscript you could put the sound in a movie clip and them tell that movie clip with the sound to play . this of course gives you less control over the sound but if you want just a simple background sound that can be triggered on and off that is sufficient.

so make a movieclip and put the sound on the first frame of the movie clip . then when you want to play the music you need to write something like this on the button

myMc of course is the instance name that you give to the movie clip containing the can change that of course.

The stop buttons remains the same.