Stop mobile scrolling!

Hello all,
I need a little help. I was using

    #wrapper-4,#wrapper-5,#wrapper-9,#wrapper-10,#wrapper-11,#wrapper-12,#wrapper-13,#wrapper-14,#wrapper-15,#wrapper-16,#wrapper-17/*stops from scrolling horizontal*/
      overflow: hidden;
      padding :0.5em;

to stop the horizontal scrolling on mobile view it was working and now it not. Does anybody know why? site is

Hi csmoses.

No scrolling for me (iPhone and dev tools). Where are you seeing it? On what device?

I guess the maxwidth is just a typo when you posted here but auto is not a valid value anyway.

It should be:


Not that it will likely have anything to do with your problem.:slight_smile:

I have a galaxy s3 and that is having no scrollbar. Not to mention I also have Chrome installed on my phone (mobile) and no scrolling there.

Fully agree! :wink: