Sticky post always on top nwith WordPress

How can I make a sticky post be always on top with WordPress?
Any help or idea will be greatfully appreciated.

A sticky post will always stays on top of all other post until you untick its checkbox on the post settings.

What do you mean always on top? It will always be.

Of course, if you have several sticky posts, it will be presented one after another but still above all regular posts.

The posts are ordered according to their date, sticky or not.:confused:
How can I change that?

Dashboard>Posts>All Posts>
hover over the post link which you want to be sticky
select Edit to open the Edit Post screen
in the upper-right side of this screen you will find the Publish section
find Visibility: Public Edit there
click on the Edit link
the section will expand
check the box next to Stick this post to the front page
if your changes are successful your Publish section will reflect the change as Visibility: Public, Sticky Edit
finish it by clicking the blue update button.

visit your Home webpage to see if the changes were applied.

Thank you guys for your help!
I realy appreciate it.
As I now understand, the problem is in my ‘translated’ WordPress version.
In all my other sites (English), everything work just fine.
Thanks again and see you …