Static Sidebar

When I go to page the sidebar goes away. Is there any way to keep static sidebar in my site? I am using child theme of twenty eleven. My url link is

Seems to be something wrong with your link. The files are missing.

Yes, you are right. My host suggested to delete the c panel and it is created newly. I took back up my file into my pc. Now again I have uploaded it to my domain’s home directory. It saved automatically into /home/aabdcom folder. How can I take it to the right place (previous folder) for properly displaying my site?

The link is ok now. Please suggest how can I set sidebar as a static. Now sidebar is not showing in any page.

It’s not really clear what the issue is. The sidebar looks OK to me.


As Ralph said, the problem isn’t exactly clear. We do not recognize a problem.

On the home page, you have an <aside> area with “Recent Posts” and “Meta”. Is that the “sidebar” that you are talking about? We can see that “sidebar” on the home page.

Do you want that “sidebar” to appear on all of the other pages in your site: About Us, Contact, Procedure, and Standard? Is that what you are talking about?

Yes, exactly. I meant that.

OK, this is really a WordPress issue, so I’ve moved this thread to the CMS forum. :slight_smile: