Static pages and .htacess

Hi all,
I want to create arnd 10,000 static pages…
say like and and each page has different content and the contents are in db…
So my doubt is if i do it using .htacess and do and internal redirection like and is this considered as static pages?? is this the correct way of doin??

Thanks in advance.

What you’re creating is a dynamic page, as the content of the page is dependent on the values contained in the querystring.

Yeah i get u i am doin a dynamic page, my representation was wrong.
k then wat is the best way to create 10,000 pages like this?? I cannot change my url, it needs to be the same in any case. So wat is the best way of doin this other than htaccess?

Why is htaccess a problem, and what is the issue with dynamic vs static?

Okay this the case. The site now works like this. it has a search box in its home page and if u search using that it goes to a search.php page. I have arnd 10,000 records. Now this the only way of seeing these records. But now, I want separate page for each record this is for SEO stuff and also will be useful for referencing, So i want a unique url for all my records and i wish to have the url it in that way. Thank you.

htaccess can easily do that for you then.

I’ll see if we can get this thread in to the Apache Configuration forum, because that is where the htaccess experts reside.

Wow Thank you. i appreciate your help.


What you’re asking for is found in the mod_rewrite tutorial linked in my signature. Read it, ask questions (if you need to - the examples there should show you how to do this), post your attempt at mod_rewrite then I’ll comment on it until you learn how it works and can implement it on your site.


Thanks for the move.