Startup Here

Hi there,

I have a new startup creative content studio. I was wondering what is the best way to attract customers directly to my website rather than bidding on a project marketplace like Upwork?

Having good creative content. (It sounds like a trite response, but it’s true.)

There will never be a better draw to your website than… the website itself. Is it fully fleshed out? Portfolio of your work, etc?

Have you actually done any work for other people? Examples that you can point to and say you’ve done this?

Hi there, yes I have done a lot. I had a few loyal clients, but I really wanted more without doing project bidding so I could make the company more stable.

Website not needed

okay so you’ve got a website that you’re proud of. good first step.

What are you currently doing to promote your site?
How are you measuring your success?

I have a social media page on FB, I’m trying to reconnect Twitter also & Instagram. I tried to post on several Classified Ad sites as well. My business is a B2B thing so I am aiming startups as well.