Starting XAMPP issues

I use XAMPP to develop websites, but when I try so start the server, I getc

Any ideas? I use PHP/MySQL

I don’t understand what that screenshot has to do with starting your server. How are you starting the server?

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Can you explain what the issue is? From the screenshot I see localhost open in another tab but it looks like it failed. Could you send a screenshot of the control panel itself?

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sure, is this it?

would the compality tab help?

That looks like the properties menu, could you just click on the icon?

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You’ve not explained

nothing seems to happen when I click the icon.
I try an d open up localhost and I got nothing
but when I hover over the icon I get

Kind of looks like the control panel isn’t responding. If it’s not frozen, I would suggest restarting your computer to see if it’s just that session that’s bad. If it persists, I recommend backing up your files and uninstalling XAMPP and reinstalling it.

For a more thorough inspection, we would need to see the icon itself. If it has a red status, that means it’s no longer running and there’s a problem. Most likely in your httpd.conf files.

here the fo,.der whichn I guess acts as the root folder

where would the httpd.conf be?

The HTML directory you have shouldn’t really matter. If you messed with something that’s Apache related, it’ll crash and become unresponsive until you fix the problem you did.

It looks like the modified dates are a year old so doesn’t look like you’ve messed with anything there. What about any .htaccess files you may have in your DCT folder? Those may also affect your localhost as they pertain to Apache rules.

There is another thing that I would suggest. Make sure that port 80 and port 8080 isn’t being taken by another service or program. That could also be an issue.

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ok, went to

to see if port 80 is open and

So somehow its closed, doesnt it need to be opened? How do I?

You shouldn’t post your IP here. The easiest way is to just use the netstat command. I’m not going to do your homework for you so since I’m giving you out these terms and product names, it’d be wise to Google them and see how they work. It isn’t just “here, help me fix this”. You have to also do some digging yourself. You can use the netstat command to find out what is taking that port.


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