Starting Salary for Jr. Front End Developer

I graduated from Full Sail with a BA in Web Design and Development - Nov 2012. I’ve done some research on salaries. I just wanted to know what others thought about the issue of a base salary.

Some say don’t go under $40,000 with a degree, others state that without professional experience I am considered to be a jr. web developer and your list my salary requirements between $20 - $30,000.

Thanks in advance.

It largely depends on your skill set (there’s a lot more to know than what they teach in school), and it depends on the complexity of the projects you’ll be working on. In my experience, starting salary in your situation could range from $12/hr if you’re going to do basic work for a mill, to $30/hr if you’re going to do complex work for an agency with big-name clients.


As Jeff points out, the range can vary. Obviously the location in the country will cause wild fluctuations in salary range but that aside, experience and the type of industry you find a job in will affect how much you make. For instance in the private sector you will make a lot more than for something in the public sector such as for a public university or state agency. Conversely, a smaller company or startup may offer much less than a more established business.

There are a lot of ranges on this site,,19.htm

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Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

It totally depends on your skillset and experience. What can you do exactly? What have you done before? Do you have code online on Github?

If you can fully-implement a site, with database backend, and do login systems and cookies and have done it before – then you can make more than $40k.

You should be getting more than $20,000 for any job in the field of web design. I’d be expecting $40,000 at least. $50,000 would be ideal