Starting a creative department

Hello everybody,

I’m starting to work at an online product company, which only recently upgraded its marketing department. I will be the only creative there for the time being, so I guess I will be in charge of brand maintenance as well taking the brand to the next level and setting the foundations for a creative department, which will hopefully grow further along the road.
If there are any forum members here who went through a similar process in one way or the other and are willing to share their thoughts, insights, inputs, tips etc. I would really appreciate the help. Actually, any piece of advice would be great.
Where would you start? What would you focus on? How would you do it? Please feel free to offer whatever you find relevant.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you all so much!

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Welcome to the forums, Nimmo!

I’m not in the creative team here, but one thing others have found helpful is to create a style guide for brand consistency. This will be great for you and those who follow in your steps – so you’ll all be on the same page. So that means colors in RGB and web #, proportion of page the size of the logo is to be, and so forth. Document everything.

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Thanks a lot, WebSteve!
Thats extremely helpful :slight_smile:

It would also be important to note all the software titles you are using and any and all passwords and other codes needed to make it work (such as logging on to upload to Google Play console, FTP use, Dropbox use, etc. Links to the software sites could be helpful, along with their logon creds. This could be done in Excel or Word in table format. That way there would be software compatibility in the group and files would be interchangeable.

What will be the online backup of choice?
How will you transfer files from desk to desk – intranet? Dropbox?

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I don’t know yet, as I haven’t started yet. Thats why I’m researching and trying to get as much info as possible.
What would you recommend for online backup and for internal file transfer?

I work for a company that has an IT department, so the IT guy handles all the backups and intranet connections from computer to computer. If you don’t expect to have an IT dept., then you might look to consumer systems.

I used to use Mozy Home for online backups, but found iDrive to be WAY faster. Others will give other recommendations, perhaps even professional choices that are better for a shop. You might even start with an external drive that also includes backup and syncing software and back up daily.

You can look up how to connect computers (wired or wireless) to a network and share files that way.

Or you can use Dropbox, Google iDrive, other other online systems, for which you’ll have to pay per gigabyte over a certain limit. You upload the files by dragging them to the application and it’s uploaded. You can access them from any browser, anywhere, from home and work.

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What is your online product? You can consider planning a Marketing strategy for your company by defining the type of Marketing you need to do. It’s like the choice between digital marketing and non-digital marketing. Or if it’s digital marketing, will it be online or offline? And then, what channels will be used? Email marketing, TV marketing or SEO etc.?
Hope it helps :smiley:

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I will definitely look into all of these. Thanks again!

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It helps a whole lot. Thank you, linhnt!

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