Stand alone Envelope Printer?

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a stand alone envelope printer???

I mean a device that is made for no other purpose other than holding a bunch of envelopes (such as the trusty #10 business envelope) where you can print from MS Publisher, MS Word, or other programs.

The reason I’m asking is because over the years I’ve used multi-function printers for this and I’m getting tired of envelope printing that oftern comes out not lined up straight and looks like crap.

Surely with today’s technology they’d have a way of printing a perfectly straight #10 business envelope each time.

Any leads on such a device would be appreciated.

yes… they are mostly marketed to businesses.

I’ve had experience with this model:
PitneyBowes DA75s AddressRight® Addressing System
It was great for adding call to actions or random messages to the envelopes.

There are more brands out there than PitneyBowes. A good way to find them is do a google image search for envelope printers. Then click on the ones that look like envelope printers… If you do a normal search it is filled with software programs.

I use an HP Office Jet at home now and it prints envelopes straight. Although it is obnoxious to switch between envelopes and paper, and I just use it for the two address blocks.

Well, I’m not interested in something I cannot buy and own. We use a Pitney Bowes postage machine and they only rent their equipment from what I understand.

I’m currently using a Lexmark printer that I bought specifically for printing envelopes (so I don’t have to switch between regular paper and envelopes in the paper tray), but it’s not printing straight half the time and I’m about ready to throw it in the dumpster.

Funny how today’s advanced technology can’t print a straight envelop every time.

Maybe this would be a good thing to invent, since nobody seems to be offering much in the way of a good stand alone envelope printer.

They exist, you just can’t go down the street to Best Buy and find one…

They are geared towards Businesses so you have to deal with B2B annoyances like unlisted prices and Dealers.

The following companies have a product line of Desktop Envelope Printers:

SECAP - Have to call for list of dealers.

RENA Systems - List of Dealers on website.

I’m sure there are more. Those are just the first two I found.

Cool, Thanks!

I’ll contact these folks and see what kind of deals they have

I’ve looked for envelope printers before hoping to find something that could address short runs of oversized or padded envelopes - but I’ve only come across professional machines designed mostly for mail houses that print thousands of pieces an hour.

I wouldn’t think it too hard to create an inkjet printer with just a table and a print head that floated overhead and could be adjusted for different printing jobs, but I guess the big manufacturers don’t see that big of a demand for it.

Maybe you can find a used version of one of these commercial units, or how about using a dedicated label printer like a Dymo with a clear label?

No, I’d rather have something that prints a nice, professional looking envelope right on the envelope itself.

My cheapy Lexmark does pretty good, but sometimes it pulls the envelope through too quick and the printing is off center, making it look like crap.

So, some times I have to print several envelopes before I get a good print.

I guess I don’t care cause it’s cheap. It’s just irritating and I’m sure the environmentalist wackos hate me cause I’m wasting paper, but that’s their problem.

Have you looked on ebay at all? I just checked and there are a few used envelope printers from $200 and up.

No, I haven’t looked on eBay because I’ve had (and have seen others have) bad experiences with used electronic equipment.

As a rule, I usually buy new when it comes to stuff like this.
However, I’m not opposed to looking to get some ideas as far as manufacturers are concerned so I can contact them directly.

Does any one have an Idea about how much a used Envelop Printing machine may Cost ? I am looking to buy a used Envelp Printing Machine for my printing business.

Some of the more workgroup oriented laser printers (ie–laserjet 4xxx series) have dedicated envelope trays, which might well do the trick for you.

You might want to upgrade out of the bargain basment–I have a HP Laserjet 1060 at home that does very good printing envelopes once I mastered it’s funk schwa [which is use auto select tray].

As the printer is only for envelopes, I would see if I could move the pickup wheels so that three of them, instead of just one, can be moved and aligned to pick up the envelopes.