SSL Encrypted Page?

How can I encrypt my page with SSL Encryption
So I could set up a Purchase Page?

What web server are you using? IIS, Apache, NginX … ?

How can I know? I looked up on my Cpanel and didnt found any information about it…

If you’re using cPanel, then you should probably contact your host about purchasing an SSL certificate. You may have to buy some extra services (unique IP etc.).

Your host should have more information on their pricing page.

After purchasing an SSL certificate.
Do I need to make something diffrent when sending/reciving forms in php?

No, PHP doesn’t care if it’s run on HTTP or HTTPS.

You could build in a check to make sure that the page isn’t being accessed through HTTP, but I think you can do that using .htaccess too.

The address of the page the form is on needs to start with https// instead of http//. Apart from that no other change is required.

Also make sure if your going to be using an SSL certificate that you make sure of the following.

  • You have no un-encrypted content entering the page which breaks the secure connection
  • No Ajax API’s that require non SSL connections as they will break and sometimes cause the page to load slow

Thank you very much all of you for your answers that helped me alot.