Squeeze page vs landing page

I’m trying to understand the difference between a squeeze page and a landing page.

As far as I know a landing page is usually a graphically attractive page, often with most of the content above the fold, with a clear call to action button for the visitor to buy the product, and other sales copy.

On the other hand squeeze pages are usually more in the format of a letter from the seller directly to the visitor, often very long pages that require lots of scrolling, and include things like testimonials, videos, images, etc. Most of the definitions I’ve seen of squeeze pages say that the main aim of a squeeze page is to collect email addresses.

So far so good, a landing page aims to get the sale while a squeeze page aims to get the contact details.

So then, what would these pages classify as?

Clearly they have many features of a squeeze page, the personal tone, the signature of the seller and letter style etc. However it seems that here they are wanting to close the sale rather than just collect emails.

A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow up marketing, there is have no exit hyperlinks. squeeze pages consist of a short message requesting that the visitor input their email address and name in exchange for free information.

I would classify those pages (especially the last one) as scam pages; places where they try to get you to buy some (most of the time) useless junk.

But I’d say that technically they are squeeze pages. Although, I think it could possibly go either way.

Hehe scam pages would be probably a better definition :slight_smile:

Any web page someone might arrive at as the first page of the site that they see is a landing page - no matter what is on it. - therefore all squeeze pages are landing pages.

Never heard that term before, “squeeze page”.

Call them a scam if you like, those one page mini-sites are fun to make. It’s also another thing you could sell a client. Whether or not it’s a scam comes down to the content and the owners!

Landing page is pretty much synonymous with sales letter. It’s a hard sell page that pitches a product with several calls to action.

A squeeze page is generally used to capture an email address. However, lately some newspapers and magazines are using squeeze pages to encourage subscriptions. Squeeze pages often pop up when you click to any page of a website. The cover the content of the page. Sometimes you can click them off and sometimes you can’t go any further in the site without complying with their request. Hence the “squeeze”.

One thing both have in common, at least in my opinion, is that they are both annoying.