SQL Server 2008 cant get reports from it

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I hope this is the correct place to ask. I am running SQL server 2008 with a large database. The 3rd party software that connects to the database is giving me this error when i try to get Reports (time and attendance) etc from it. Could this be a server side error as i doubt it is the software.
It used to work if i just ask for 1 week or 2weeks worth of data but anything bigger i get this error from the 3rd party software -----The number of records for this report is too large, use filters to reduce size ------

Any ideas welcome

It’s not an error, but a limitation on the amount of data the software can hold.

Can you put a start date and stop date on the request? You might need to ask a couple times and combine the two reports manually.

Yes , but anything more than 2 weeks it gives the error. It is a well known access control system so it would be weird that it cant load lets say 6 months worth of data, they use it in the pentagon and at microsoft and they have a lot of employees.

was hoping its a SQL error :frowning:

somehow this does not reassure me about the software’s robustness

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That’s because the report can only handle that much data. It’s not a SQL error. It’s an issue with the report.

If you are trying to “get everything from forever” from the database only to filter some data out of the result set, i.e. you are not using nor do you need all of the data, you have a few options that I can think of.

  • if you are SELECTing * - don’t, SELECT only what you need
  • as Dave posted, include a WHERE condition in the query, if not dates, some other criteria. (eg. not null, location, first initial of last name ??)
  • aggregate eg. COUNT(attendance), SUM(time)

You may be able to tweak up the memory / time limits of whatever is processing the result set. IMHO abusing resource use is generally Not A Good Idea ™ but for a one off job during lull time it might be acceptable.

I have spoken to the supplier of the software and they indicate i have a Ram issue (Not having enough( they recommend tripple the amount. does it make sense that Ram would help for running the reports. it used to work but as i mentioned the database grew 100 fold

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