SQL / IIS help transfer and hide a IP

Hello !

I need help with sql / IIS . I want to tell sql or IIS to hide the IP if i want to transfer the IP to another server and have scripts like

 = UserData=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

( that is the IP i want IIS or SQL to block from showing in netstat and so on ) . Username, password for the new IP’s sql.

Thank you

I wish I could understand what you need because I don’t have a clue of what you need.

What do you mean with transferring the IP?

Where is that IP that you want to hide? In a table of a database? In one IIS log?

Try to be as specific as possible and make it a bit clearer please.

I have 1 server that holds the IP but this server is transfering all sql connection to this IP . And users / players connetcs to also they get transferred to . If they look in cmd or any other trace programs, it will look that they are on this IP . So! SQL will be transferred from to .

Sorry… i am trying to explain miself better , but i don’t know how. I am trying to get what i am doing too exactly .
All the help that is coming is apreciated. :slight_smile: