Sports League Rewards program

I want to implement a points rewards programs for point accumulated through actual sporting events/leagues.

For example, say a division consists of 3 players, points would be allocated as follows:
2 points for just playing, 2 points for winning, and 1 point for each player you beat in your division. Thus the winning player would receive 6 points, runnerup would receive 3 points, and the last player only 2 points. Over the span of league play points would accumulated and players could be ranked until the league is complete where an overall winner is determined based on total points.

These points would determine ranking and overall winners … plain and simple. Here’s the kicker …

The same points could also be redeemed for merchandise once enough are accumulated. These points would be used in the reward/loyalty system and be deducted.

I am seeking a way for players to still be rewarded (it time) even if they continually finished near the back of the pack. These would be loyaly awards for their continued participation in league play. Yes, the winners would accumulated more points quicker … but in the long run, all players are rewarded.

I have researched many customer loyaly/rewards programs and have found little to assist me. Basically, I am seeking a points redemption system based on a mysql db field of my choosing. Possible?