Sponsors page for .org site?

I created a WordPress site for a shelter a few years ago, and one of the things they asked for was a “sponsors page”, where they would place a logo and a link to a sponsoring company’s site.

Now, I haven’t kept up with SEO trends, but it seems like Google is much more likely to penalize sites with links to/from unrelated content nowadays. Is that true? I’m planning to revamp the design next month (it’s oh-so-90’s right now) and I’ll use the opportunity to revise this page if necessary.

Yes, Google is more likely to penalize sites that do this, but they focus more on sites who conduct link exchanges in mass and have hundreds of links on some random “links” page. They will not penalize your site if you only have a few links on a “partners” page (especially if it is in the footer- where Google views the links as being pretty much irrelevant anyway).