Does a site/page get a SEO penalty for spelling mistakes?
Some of my pages have mistakes and was thinking of a spell checker but would
this have any effect on my rankings?

Yes spelling mistakes would make a small difference, but not really penalize, just a lost opportunity for better indexing.

To get better search results you need to have high quality content, thoughtful use of your h1 - h6 headers, alt tag usage with good descriptions in them, friendly URLs (read about this as some ways of creating friendly urls can hurt search results), a directory structure, an up-to-date site web index for search bots, a proper ‘title’ tag that accurately describes what the page is about - there should be a unique ‘title’ for each page, your <a href> links should be clear where the link takes you, also use the ‘description’ meta tag to put a clear bit of text regarding what the page is about.

In none of the cases above should keyword stuffing be done as the search engines do penalize for this.

Content should first ‘tell them what you want to say’ , then ‘say it’ then ‘summarize what you have said’, if it is a commercial site then as Shyflower often says, you must have a call-to action.

Typically when writing good content, natural keywords will emerge. These natural keywords will typically be something other users will search, they will match your indexed natural keywords.

You should always spell check your content and if possible find someone that is good at proofreading and have them go over it before it is published. It looks unprofessional with spelling mistakes so at a minimum a decent dictionary in your favorite word editing program will deal with this nicely.

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is any software that can automatically correct the spell mistakes?


Google it… I found this in about 2 minutes, there may well be more out there… http://codejacked.com/automatic-spelling-correction-with-sed/

Spelling mistakes will quickly turn away potential customers. it can make a site quite unprofessional. i thinkk in googles eyes mis spellings work against you but im not 100 percent certain oft hat because ive seen pages created to focus on mispelled words


Does a site/page get a SEO penalty for Grammar mistakes?

I have heard that yahoo, google check pages for correct grammar but this seems a bit pointless.
Grammar checkers can still only perform mathematical checks of words and sentences and so
miss lots of errors and often suggest wrong versions.

Was thinking of using a grammar checker but would this have any effect on my rankings or just a waste of time?

You should be checking your spelling and grammar regardless. Crap spelling and grammar makes you look less professional to the viewers on your site.

Spelling mistake does not affect that much because LSI indexing system but spelling mistake make bad impression on user. You can loose you user trust just because of immature content.

This answers it. Don’t rush yourself too much thinking that if you create more content, you’re going to get a lot more credit. Yes, you’re going to take advantage of the freshness factor, but if we’re going to look into the quality of your posts, that isn’t going to work. You have all the time in the world to proofread your content before you submit. You may have a schedule that you should follow, but that doesn’t mean that you can skip proofreading. About the spelling corrections, have you tried using word processors to write your drafts first before you actually submit them?

I read this thread, and had this thought early on, then in your last sentence you suggest it!! But having spent the time reading I thought I would mention it as well :slight_smile:
My English is good but my typing is rubbish, so I do tend to use Word for longer pieces of text, then spell check it before copy and pasting it. I agree with you and others that irrespective of any SEO considerations, the content should be properly prepared for the benefit of the user and for their perception of the professionalism of the site.

Google is not going to penalize your website for spelling mistake but website content should be grammatically correct.

I think Google does not penalize website for silly spelling mistake. You should enhance your website content by perfect and accurate spelling. In this case you should use spelling or grammar checker tools like [noparse]http://proofreadbot.com/[/noparse] to get perfect result of website content.