Speed-up Web app development by 50% using complex source code generators

Imagine you should start a greenfield project for a Web app with modern UI (for example, a new micro service, which will have a Web app for the administration purpose).
And imagine, you have a starter-kit with a bunch of ready to use React UI components along with infrastructure for a Web app (for example, react-redux-starter-kit, but with React Bootstrap and React Widgets libs inside).

In addition, you have a tool, which allows visually combine any type of components on the Web page. Moreover, this tool has an ability to generate a scaffolded source code for UI components connected to any kind of frameworks like Redux, Relay, etc. (with actions, reducers, routes, so on…).

The tool automatically compiles all new source code and reuses all generated components on the page.

Of cause, you are not limited in editing the source code of the project in your favourite IDE, because compiler and hot-loader will patch pages with your changes in tool’s workspace.

Would you like to use such a tool in your project?

And if yes, what type of the scaffolds for the source code you would like to use?

a) Infrastructure generators:

  • Generate REST service with Swagger docs by entered Swagger configuration format.

  • Generate GraphQL server by entered data structure in GraphQL schema format.

b) Component generators:

  • Generate Redux wrapped components connected to existing REST API.

  • Generate Relay wrapper components connected to existing GraphQL server.

BTW, such a tool is already existing: Structor (of which I’m apart of)


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