Span class or p class.? which one to use in tables

hey folks,
wanted to ask whats the difference between a span tag and p tag generated while typing in tables like i use design view of DW and in back there is code generating like

<span class="txt">Hello world</span>

which one to use while having td’s to make a form?

Why do you need to use an extra element? Couldn’t you just use the td element and append a class to it instead?

Anyway, the difference between a span element and a p element is that the first is an inline element and the latter a block element. Which HTML element to use should depend on what you intend to display content-wise.

u mean like <td class=""text>Hello World</td>, yes sure i did but as i said the DW auto generated these span tags so wanted to know what’s the difference b.w a paragraph and span

You should configure your tool (Dreamweaver) in such a way that it does not generate extra markup. Never use auto-generated markup, especially not auto-generated markup that makes no sense in any which way. My suggestion is to either remove the extra markup manually or code it again by hand.

Span is a text formatting element.
P is a structural Element.