Spam filter more sophisticated than CAPTCHA?!

I’m looking for a more elegant and sophisticated way other than using CAPTCHA on my website I know one is out their and I’ve seen them on few sites any suggestions?

I like the one where the site has different pictures show up and assigns questions to each one. Like one is a picture of a red pickup truck, and the question is “what color is the pickup truck in this picture?”

How does that sound?

I couldn’t find anything specific but i found these 2 threads

You could even have a picture with some text, like three sentences about something. Then ask the user a question. Like…

“Bill is Jill’s friend. Bill is taller than Jill. Who is taller?”

All of the suggestions made so far are just alternatives to an image CAPTCHA - they are still CAPTCHAs though since they are all “Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

So what you are really looking for is a more sophisticated CAPTCHA that doesn’t rely on images. Just searching on CAPTCHA should provide quite a few alternate options.

for the most part captcha are pretty secure, but as in life, there are always ways around things. We just need to make it harder and less “fun” for people to do.