Spam emails


I want to implement a program for identifying spam emails using an algorithm naive bayes
in php…

im new to php…how to implement this??

Please help me…i have one text file

how to identify for spam for a set of keywords
for the whole text file using naive bayes algorithm

Sounds like a homework problem.

Explain the naive bayes algorithm, because after a brief glance at Wikipedia I think you’re missing some of the components necessary to use it.


How to analyse the spoofed emails…

  1. identify the list of contacts

2.analyse their mail over a period of time and the no.of emails sent by them.

3.if they r a legitimate sender say like u but i start continously recieving spam mails frm your account (60/100) then i can say that ur id may be hacked or spoofed

Can anyone help me to start

Thx in advance


I am trying to write a k nearest neighbor and BART bayesian additive regression tree algorithm for identifying Spam emails in php

Can any1 guide me on how to implement these algorithm ?

This is for my thesis…im just learning php…

If some one could give me sample code it will be useful for me

Thanx in Advance