Spaces in markdown?

Hi! How would I go about putting spaces (padding) in markdown articles?


# Hello
<5 Enters Later>
# World

For instance you can see that here there is no vertical spacing. How can I accomplih this?

Do you mean spaces or linefeeds? If the latter when I post to SitePoint which uses Markdown <br> shows linefeeds.

Have you checked the online manual?


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works? With markdown? Or are you talking about HTML?

Yes it works with Markdown.

Did you try it?

If it did not work when tried can a small sample of the Markdown script be copied and pasted.

I am unable to view your website source because currently using a tablet.

Does “view-source:” work on tablets?

I’ve only used it on Android smartphones, so I don’t know what other mobile devices that code works on.

Many thanks, I have learnt something new today.

Upon reflection the viewed source will be the Html script produced from Markdown and not very helpful :frowning:

I will attempt it. Thanks for your assistance

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You might find this helpful:

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