Spaces in GET[]

i have a form, and when I submit it, the URL changes to
&manufacturer=Guntermann & Drunck…
But when I

echo $_GET['manufacturer'}

I only get the first word, can I not assign the whole string to the variable?

Look up URL-encoding.

PHP: urlencode - Manual

If the space had worked, the & would have been the next thing to throw it out.

Slightly off topic, but if you are picking/selecting from existing choices, you should submit the id corresponding to the choice, not the actual name, because you should be using the id in any related operations.


(my money’s on the space actually having worked. Browsers will translate spaces to %20 readily enough, but an ampersand is a special character. I’d wager if OP looked closely, he’d find that he received the whole first word plus a trailing space.)


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